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Our Board:

My name is Austin B.  I am 18 years old and the current Chair of the Board for Support Young Athletes. This is my first term as Chair on the board and I look forward to the year ahead. Since the age of five, I have been active in team sports including soccer and lacrosse. Support Young Athletes has been important in my life because I want to help other athletes continue to play the sports they love.  No young athlete should have to worry about paying for their medical costs. Support Young Athletes gives me the chance to help other athletes when they need it the most.


Director 2019-2021, Chair 2022, Co-chair 2023

Co-Chair and Treasurer


Hello, my name is Nikhil R. and I am the Treasurer for Support Young Athletes. I am 18 years old, and I am a competitive Basketball Player as well as a Track and Field Athlete. When I was younger I used to also play soccer and I have been able to make great memories in all of these sports. Support Young Athletes is a charity that helps kids my age be able to do what they love, even with obstacles, we plan on them getting back to their sport. I hope we can keep raising money so that everyone in our neighborhood has a chance to pursue and feel joy when they get back to their sports.

Director 2021,  VC and Treasurer 2022, Co-chair and Treasurer 2023



Hi my name is Millie and I am 16 years old, I am currently the secretary. Since the age of 4, I have passionately been involved in sports . Currently I play lacrosse, and I have been playing since I was 10. I love playing sports because it gives me a chance to meet people from my community, and helps me stay active. I believe that everyone should get a chance to play sports and that’s why I joined SYA. I want to help SYA achieve their mission of getting sick and injured kids back into the sport they love.


Director 2020 - 2021, Secretary 2022 - 2023



Technology Officer


My name is Mohammad. I am 16 years old, and I am the current Technology Officer of Support Young Athletes. I currently play basketball. I believe that it is important for everyone to be active through sports in order to live a happy and healthy life. In order to help kids less fortunate, I joined SYA to do my part in enabling underprivileged or injured athletes to play the sport they love. This will, in turn, have a positive impact on our community and the kids we help.

Director 2019-2021, Social Media Relations 2021 - 2022 Chief Technology Officer 2023

Social Media and Public Relations Officer

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Hi! My name is Grace Leventhal and I am 16 years old. I am the current social media and public relations officer. I play on my schools field hockey and lacrosse team, as well as club lacrosse. I believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to participate in whatever sports they choose. I chose to join Support Young Athletes to try and help follow through with that. I believe we can all help have a strong impact on the athletes all around us.

Director 2020-2022, Social Media & Public Relations Officer 2023


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Shiva T.
Age 18
Plays basketball and Soccer

Director 2020 - 2023


Cole P.
Age 18
Plays Soccer

Director 2020 - 2023


Ian P.
Age 18
Swim Team

Director 2018 - 2020, Chief Technology Officer 2020 - 2023

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