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Founding Members:


Adam P.

Age 14

Plays basketball.

SYA Director 2016-2019

Brian H. 

Age 15

Plays Water Polo, soccer, lacrosse, Gaelic Football, and is a second degree black belt in Martial Arts

This page is dedicated to the Founding Directors and reflects their age and the sports they played at the time SYA was founded in 2016.

Sarah H. 

Age 14

Plays soccer


Daniel P. 

Age 15

Plays basketball, volleyball and football

Drew P.  

Age 14.

Plays water polo and is on swim team


Ian P.

Age 11.

Competes on swim team

Jake W. 

Age 15

Plays soccer, basketball, football as well as Gaelic football

Lauren P.

Age 13


Maddie P. 

Age 12

Plays soccer and volleyball

Maddie W. 

Age 12

Plays Gaelic Football and soccer

Mika H. 

Age 12

Plays volleyball

Nathan Pollock

Nathan P.

Age 15

Plays tennis

Noah M. 

Age 15

Plays basketball, track and field and Jiu Jitsu

SYA Director 2016-2019

Rohin A. 

Age 15

Plays golf

PRO 2016-2017, Director 2018

Chloe H.
Age 11
Plays soccer and lacrosse

Daniel P. 

Age 17

Plays lacrosse

SYA Social Media Officer 2016-2017, Director 2018

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